Friday, March 8, 2013

The Prerana School in session

A class at Prerana in session
I went to each of the classes in session in Prerana that day. The children were being taught different aspects of basic math and letters. I later learnt from achen that these classes are designed specially for the kids as per their aptitude. The teachers who also come from the local area are specially trained to cater to the special needs of the children.

After a couple of basic level classes, and as they grow up, they are then given some sort of vocational training so that they could fend for themselves as they enter into society in a fairly independent manner.

It is the result of such vocational training that they are able to make different things such as candles which the Seminary buys from them, greeting cards and other art work which different churches and organizations give them orders for. They are also involved in learning the mechanics of screen printing.

one of the students
Also I read in their website that they were planning to buy some orchards near by to support its operations, as well as to give some training to the older students as they pass out.

As I saw them repeat what their teachers were teaching them, I noticed some of them were indeed enjoying the classes and having fun. I watched them for a while as they played and studied together, forgetting for  a moment the daily challenges in their lives for many things we take for granted. And I thanked God for Prerana and I thanked God for the staff and the teachers there.
They have fun too in class!

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